Allow us to review your corporate operations with the goal of streamlining efficiency, eliminating excess spending, and identifying legal problems, before those problems lead to an interruption of operations.

Engaging an attorney to perform a legal audit will help your business operate more profitably, efficiently and with fewer legal risks.  During a legal audit, Bates Legal Group, LLC will review your current business practices in order to ensure that you are complying with the law and will make suggestions for dealing with potential legal problems before they occur.

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Details of the Audit Process

Attorney flipping through a client’s stack of corporate organizational documents.


Many business owners are unaware of the potential advantages to be gained by reorganizing the legal structure of their business. The status and application of corporate organizational documents—operating agreements, bylaws, buy-sell agreements, etc.— has a direct effect on the individual owners of the company, especially in the event of a dispute. Bates Legal Group, LLC can review your current business structure to ascertain if your business entity is the best fit for your particular situation, whether your organizational documents require an update, or whether your business has grown to the point where new organizational documents would be advisable. 

Attorney using a pen to point towards a clipboard containing a client’s business legal contracts.


Many businesses use standard form contracts for bid proposals, orders and sales. Many times, these contracts are obtained through an internet search which typically results in a false sense of security, as general form contracts rarely are state or industry specific.  A legal audit of your contracts can help prevent customer disputes and reduce your risk of lawsuits.

A legal audit can help in preventing personnel issues. Bates Legal Group, LLC can review your employee manuals and uncover and deal with potential employee problems.  We will also inspect your current employment agreements and non-competition agreements. These agreements can protect your business if a key employee decides to work for a competitor and attempts to take your customers, trade secrets or confidential proprietary information.

Attorney reviewing a financial report containing graphics and data about a client’s corporate accounts.


As part of a legal audit, Bates Legal Group, LLC will review all loan documents which you have executed for or on behalf of your business. Given the Bates Legal Group, LLC’s extensive involvement in the local economy, a review of the interest rate, amortization schedule, maturity date, and collateralization associated with your loans will provide your attorney the ability to advise your business on potential refinancing options, loan restructuring, and whether your business runs the risk of violating a loan covenant.

In many cases a legal audit can help you improve your collections on unpaid accounts. For example, there are various statutory liens that you can put on a debtor's property without going to court, as well as ways to obtain a security interest in certain property which will protect you in the event of nonpayment. Bates Legal Group, LLC can also advise you on how to deal with customers who file for bankruptcy and how you can protect your rights as a creditor. In addition, your attorney will explain the small claims process in your jurisdiction, the process involved with enforcing secured interest and the enforcement of judgments through garnishments and property executions.


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Upon scheduling, you will be provided a detailed checklist so you can collect and provide all relevant materials ahead of your meeting. Then you will meet with Justin Bates to discuss the operations and structure of your business. Consider this a smart investment of your time and money—your business operations will improve while an up-front flat fee will ensure you do not exceed your planned budget.